Snail Mail

A week or so ago, Addy sent Leia a snail-mail letter. It's part of Addy's summer "I remember what I learned in school" activities.
Addy will be starting first grade in the fall, so she's a year ahead of Leia school-wise, but I thought it would be fun for Leia to try writing her back.
And since Leia's favorite activity is playing school, she was definitely up for the challenge.

Leia told me what she wanted to write, then I spelled it out for her, letter by letter, as she wrote it down.
Pretty darn good, especially for pre-K! Leia knew how to write all but one letter; she still struggles a bit with using and recognizing the lower-case alphabet, but we're working on that.
Then it was off to the corner mailbox with PopPop.
This was Leia's first time using snail-mail, so we wanted her to have the full experience.
Bon voyage, letter! Hope we get an answer from Addy soon!
P.S. Don't the girls look cute in their helmets? Want to guess how mad Leanne got when she discovered she wasn't going riding to the mailbox with Leia?  Oh, my.