Remnant Heaven

Here's the reason I buy remnants (besides the fact that they're usually 70-75% off and I love a bargain)
Got the bug to make this tonight around 8. Used only fabric I already had in the house and finished at 11. Not bad for a beginning quilter, heh? Of course, it helps to have a cheater panel as a starting point (I got it on sale in Colorado last year.) But still. 41" x 51" quilt top in 3 hours. I'm calling that a win. I already have the batting and backing fabric too. Love a "no cost" project!
Cat provided for scale. And because I couldn't get her to MOVE.

And I finally finished the first quilt I started waaaaaay back in September.
I've been hand sewing the binding since around Christmas and took the last stitch last night.
It's been washed, dried and declared an official couch blanket. Soooo happy with it. 


Vic said...

How about finishing up the 1000 quilts laying around here? Love your objects d art!