Grrrrrrr, Blogger ate my first post when I tried to publish it. Hate rewriting - once it's gone, I always remember it as purrrrrrfect.

Travis' mommy asked me to make a knit cocoon for his first photo session. She picked out the pattern*, purchased the yarn and gave me plenty of time to get it finished - it just doesn't get any easier. 

Soooooo when the cocoon was done ahead of schedule, and I still had an unused ball of yarn, I whipped up a little crocheted nest as an additional photo prop. 
This pattern is super easy. I love that the author gave the nest's dimensions - in addition to the stitch count - which made it a cinch to substitute my slightly thinner yarn and still get something I was pretty sure would fit a one-month old. 
Can't wait to see how sweet Travis looks in these.

*I'm not linking to the knit pattern. I thought it was very over priced for something that basically said 'cast on x stitches, knit y rows, bind off and sew up two seams'. If you're interested, more info is on my Rav page.  


Vickie said...

Those photos are going to be adorable!

Anonymous said...

you could type your posts in a text editor then copy/paste into blogger, so in the event of a mishap, you've still got the purrfect one...that is, if you save that one too--at least temporarily until you're sure it's posted.