Fenced In

Now that Leanne is mobile (here), hubby has resurrected the low-tech fencing he put together when Leia was younger (here). Now Leanne has the run (crawl?) of the family room, without us having to worry constantly that she'll get into something she shouldn't.
We have tile flooring throughout the house, which can be pretty cold on little knees and elbows - and hard on little noggins when balance systems fail. We'd been using layers of blankets for padding but PopPop had a better idea. He found a carpet remnant that completely covers Leanne's crawling area. Warm, cozy and padded. Perfect for little girls.
And how does Leia feel about the barriers since the girls are usually here at the same time? She's thrilled that she's big enough to go on the other side of the fence. Sometimes, bigger is better.