On A Roll - The FO Edition

When Leia got up from her nap, I had two new dresses all ready for her. Don't be too impressed; these are 'cheater' dresses. All I had to do was seam up the side (serged it on my new sewing machine. LOVE it!) and add the straps. Leia didn't care - she was happy, happy, happy with her new Ariel dress.

Leia's favorite 'look at my b*tt' pose

Also put the finishing touches on two hats. This one was made with super chunky yarn, a giant hook (12mm) and only slip stitches - front loop, back loop and inverse. Love how it turned out.
Now I want to make another using thinner yarn and a smaller hook. Super chunky wool won't get much wear in So. California.

Last up is the Tunisian Honeycomb Hat. Fell in love with this on Ravelry and had to try it. I wasn't too sure about this color combo at first, but I think it looks great and really emphasizes the stitch pattern.
Want to experiment a bit with this one too. Think I'll add a border around the bottom edge, and my decreases and bind off look messy to me. Need to think about what to do . . . .


Anonymous said...

Looking great there, friend!

I think the concept of a slst only pattern is really neat! Never heard of that before, but it totally makes sense! I'll have to look up inverse (was it?) slst, never heard of that either.

The tunisian looks quite impressive!!! I think i can see your decreases, but i'm not positive as i've not yet tried tunisian (although I do own a tunisian hook!) Either way, I think I see what you mean, and to be honest it doesn't "bother" me visually. At the same time, there's nothing wrong with more practice since in crochet that usually means MORE FUN!!! right???!?! Your color choices are also quite flattering to one another.

Generally, you seem to be a very well-thought-out fibre artist who dares to try new things regardless of impending outcome being positive or negative....keep it up!!


ps, i've also wanted to mention that I dig your pattern choices...do you mostly shuffle around ravelry for them? do you get them from people you know? locally? fill me in! :)

Anonymous said...

you know....it was apparently on my backburner, but I think I figured out what inverse slst is!

I'm making little dangly decoration things with marbles and nylon twine and yarn and tulle. The marbles are encased in and hang from ch's of the twine, the twine ch's are sewn to a crocheted shape (donut, circle, star...), and I make two of the shape and join them together. I've just finished my first one of several (lots of marbles to get through), and I've recently fallen in love with the look of reverse sc, and through my trials and errors of getting the joining round to look *just right* I landed on alternating sc & slst working from left to right...so that is, reverse sc, and inverse slst....is that what that meant? Either way...thanks for planting the little seed in my mind, it's perfect!


Elisa said...

One of my favorite spots for slip stitch crochet is here: ayarnifiedlife.wordpress.com/slip-stitch-crochet . David is doing some amazing things with the lowly slip stitch.

Anonymous said...

ahh, neat!

thanks for that little nugget.

i have a penpal who's been wanting to make things that look knitted without actually working on her knitting skills....I think I'll send this along to her :)

And I think I might have to investigate this more...it intrigues me so....the lowly slipstitch indeed! Underrated!!