How Quickly They Grow

Leia and Leanne both had milestones this month - Leia turned 3 and Leanne, 6 months - so we took them to my favorite portrait place, Picture People in Simi for a photo session. Love how Picture People really works with the kids to get great shots. It took two employees to corral Leia today and get her to cooperate; she had a major case of the sillies. I think they really got the essence of "3" - feisty, silly, and princess.
We took Leanne for her pix earlier in the week and she gave the photographer a run for her money. She was a smiles and giggles until the camera was pointed her way, and then . . . .
solemn or frowns. The only picture in which she had even a hint of a smile was this one - which fortunately Marie and I loved.

Naia didn't go with us this time since she'll be getting school portraits taken soon. Can't believe she's in 5th grade already. All my girls are getting so big!


"Petunia Pill" said...

OK, where exactly do you live? You mentioned Simi...I grew up in Simi Valley! I don't think there are too many Simis around. Is that where you were? Are you relatively close? Holy cow! It's a small world. Hugs, Annette

Vickie said...

LOVE the pics...of course the photographer had great subjects!