Ballet Class

Leia had her first ballet/tap class today, along with two of her day school buddies. They looked sooooo cute in their leotards and tights, each with her own little carry bag. 

Brooke, Leia and Callie
First, the girls met Miss Lauren 
and then it was time to dance
 Leia got into the swing of things pretty quickly, 
unlike one little girl who had an immediate meltdown and had to be taken out of class, never to return. 
Miss Lauren is the school's director and she's obviously taught very little girls before. There was time for sitting and listening, 
 time for hopping and jumping, 

and time to see what great noises new tap shoes make. 
When we signed up, I thought the entire class was going to be ballet; I think Leia will enjoy it more with tap.  
 The girls first danced to "Ants Go Marching" 
 and I thought it was the Cutest.Thing.Ever. 
But I had to revise my opinion when they started their second song. Three year olds, in tap shoes, dancing the Hokey Pokey? Priceless. 

About that time, Leia decided she'd had enough and made her "I want my grandma NOW" face . . . .

But another round of Hokey Pokey solved that.
Not even grandmas can compete with tap-dancing the Hokey Pokey.