New Toy

Decided I wanted needed a new sewing machine. Did my research* and narrowed it down to two machines. Stopped at my local sewing shop and fell in love with the Janome DC2011 (here**)
Never even went to see the other machine (a Brother). Came home, sweet talked objectively described it to hubby - who offered to buy it for me as a birthday present. A 4 months early
birthday present.

So why this machine?
The reviews were unanimous that it was easy to use and did a great job. No quirks, no 'if only's'. It doesn't have hundreds of stitches, which I don't need and would probably never use. There's a nice variety here, of both useful and decorative.

A hard case was included in the price, a
s were several presser feet, including two quilting feet that I know I'll need.

And best of all? The automatic needle threader!
I can tell already that the A.N.T. and I are going to be the very best of friends.

* Consumer Reports (sewing machine info was from 2009; not as much help as I hoped) and Amazon. Love the 'real person' reviews on Amazon; I've found some great info there.

My local shop had it for sale at $100 less than Amazon, plus they threw in extra bobbins, needles, sewing lessons and a discount on getting my old machine tuned up. Love it!


Restless Knitter said...

That looks like a NICE machine. I downloaded the manual to look at all the stitches. I have my mom's old machine from the 70's, which is okay but the tension knob spins and is a pain to try to adjust. No one around here will work on it because it's not what they consider portable.