Colorado, Part 2

Monday we went to Georgetown to ride the old steam train. We got there early and had lunch in the historic downtown area.
The little girls loved it, celebrating by dancing in the street on the sidewalks under one of the many flower baskets hanging from lightpoles.
Ever since the train trip we took to Santa Barbara, Leia thinks trains - choo choos to her - are the best. thing. ever.
She was in heaven, especially after Auntie Rachel bought matching engineer outfits - with whistles - for all the girls.
It was a pretty trip, with lots of flowers, rivers, and train trestles to keep everyone interested.
Even though we didn't get off the train at the top to do the mining tour, it was still a great adventure. Just right for little girls.

Tuesday's adventure was a trip into Denver to see the pirate exhibit at the Natural History Museum.
It didn't hurt the little girls feelings that that was where all the dinosaurs were too.
In fact, they liked that much better than silly old pirates (hubby was the only one that got to take his time and enjoy the show; Rachel had seen it before, so she took the two older girls out while I tried to contain Leia long enough to read a couple of exhibits.)

But the very best thing for them? Face painting!

Thanks for a fun day, Auntie Rachel!