FO! And Time Out

A student in my beginning crochet class asked for the pattern of a scarf I made a few years ago. The problem was that I - of course - didn't write the pattern down when I made it. Fortunately, it's pretty simple. To check the pattern before I shared it, I made a second scarf using some handpainted silk and merino wool yarn I bought a long time ago on eBay. It took me a little over three hours to finish this. (Did I mention it's a really easy pattern?) I like how the openness of the design shows off the color changes in the fiber.

I've finished two of the three bobbins I need for Saturday's workshop (the partial bobbin in the photo is the third.)
Each batt is about one bobbin's worth of singles. Since I have six more batts, I should have a lot more fiber than I need for this weekend. Yesterday, I rolled the batt length-wise, then drafted and spun from one end. Tonight, I tore the batt into 4 long strips that I'll spin end-to-end. I'm want to see if different drafting methods will change the tone/color/texture of the singles.

Since we'll be plying three to six (or more) singles in Saturday's class, I'd like to use the large plying head I bought for my Lendrum. My plan was to fill the bobbin that is currently on the wheel, then ply it with the one I have waiting.
You'll notice I'm speaking in the past tense? Florence seems to be offended by all the time she's been sitting idle. Nothing I did tonight was right; the tension was off, the brake band broke, she wobbled, she squeaked, she sulked. I finally gave up.Florence is now sitting in the corner for a well deserved time out. Maybe her attitude will improve by the weekend.


ladylinoleum said...

The scarf is stunning...

I wish I had time to learn to spin. Really, I'd just love to add that to my skills list.