FO! And Broken O

Remember the wool squares I made for the block a month class I'm teaching at my LYS? I'm making a set for myself in cotton - so I can show participants that blankets don't have to be done in wool - and in baby colors - so Addy will have a blankie at grandma's house. So far, I have three blocks finished.

Chris Simon's Cable Hearts:

Chris Simon's Mandala:

And Chris Simon's Supernova: (see a theme here? I love Chris's work). I'm getting faster at making the squares; I completed Supernova during the slightly less than 2 hour plane trip from Colorado to California last night.

Want to see what else I did on the plane last night?
Yep. Broke the glass screen on my digital SLR camera. The good news (?!?) is that it still works. But OMG. I bet this is going to cost a small fortune to fix.


Wenona said...

Fix? I think that's a great excuse for a brand new, improved camera. Yea, I know, you love this one. But you'll love the new improved one even better. :)

Vickie said...

Your crochet squares are wonderful! I am sorry about your camera; if it had been a camera you didn't like, nothing would have ever happened to it! Murphy's Law or something.