In The Ditch

We attached the borders and pinned the quilt 'sandwich' - top, batting, backing - together in class last week, so all (!) I had to do for homework this week was quilt it together. 

I drew my chalk lines,attached my brand spanking new walking foot, set up the fancy multi-color thread I bought just for this project, and ready, set, quilt! As you can probably tell, a lot of time passed between the start (the well-lit photo at the top of this post) and the end (the very dark pictures here.) I took it sloooooooow and easy, trying (not always successfully) to stay on the chalk lines and through the exact tip of the blocks. It's not perfect - I didn't expect it to be - but it's been a great learning experience. In this Thursday's class, we'll bind it all together and be d.o.n.e. And I'll have a quilt I absolutely love.


Vickie said...

I love the idea of the fancy thread! Don't you just love the walking foot? You are making me want to start quilting again.