Great Pumpkin Hunt

We took the girls pumpkin hunting a few days ago, on an afternoon that was cool, overcast and almost drizzly - as close to Fall as we're likely to get in So.Cal.
The hay maze was new this year and all three girls loved it, jumping from bale to bale, following paths high and low. 
They would have been content to spend all afternoon running back and forth, 
but the call of the pumpkin was strong and they were soon running up the hill, with Leia and her little legs determined to keep up with the big girls.  
They were all three up and down and all around the field, searching for the perfect pumpkin. 
Leia found hers first and got Hanna to help her carry it back to the wagon,
 where PopPop stood guard over the treasures.
This patch is smaller than the one we used to go to in Ventura, but I like that there's plenty of room for the girls to run around and they have little 'extras' - wagons and wheelbarrows for riding, 
the maze, picture frames for acting silly, 
 and a hay tower to jump from,
just for the sheer joy of it. 
Each girl ended up with two pumpkins; a big one for carving and a smaller one for carrying. 
All in all, a very successful afternoon.