Bound, Labeled, Cat-Approved

Both quilts are done,
with bindings hand-stitched and backs labeled. 
I put the big one through the washer and dryer - gentle cycle - and both cats have had a turn sleeping on it, so I guess it is officially finished. 
I thought stitching the back binding down by hand would be a pain, but turns out I loved it. 
Found a great tutorial here (scroll waaaaaaay down) on how to do the blind stitch - which I knew, theoretically, how to do but this method made it a snap. Love how neat and tidy both sides of the binding look. I can't stop turning the quilts over to admire it. 
I also made my first sleeve for hanging the pumpkins
and attached my first labels, proudly proclaiming these as my first and second quilts. Want to experiment a bit more with labels to find a style that I really like. Guess that means I'll need more things to label.
I think I'm hooked on this quilting thing.   


Carol said...

Both quilts are great and do not look like 'first quilts'! I have not seen the pumpkin pattern before. It is very cool!

Vickie said...


Elisa said...

Thanks, ladies! Carol, the pumpkins are from the 2nd Square in a Square book by Jodi Barrows. In the book, they are pineapples, I think. But change the color and voila! Pumpkins!

anneland22 said...

Love the backing on the pumpkins! Perfect for you and great on the quilt. Love the big one too. Great quilting.
On the cat approved, we used to joke that it wasn't a quilt until one of the cats had stalked across it regardless of how quilt-like it appeared prior to that point. Then, we heard tell of some tradition that puts a cat in the center of a quilt and people would stand at the corners and toss the cat in the air to initiate a new quilt.