I've spent more time on bobbin lace than crochet lately. Used to be, when I'd sit down at night to watch the teevee, I'd pull out a hook and yarn. Now I pull over a pillow and bobbins.
I reworked the same bookmark pattern in different colors, trying to improve my technique.I inadvertently 'practiced' different stitch combos too; the pattern called for half-stitch ground (the open area around the center 'trails') as in this marker - 
But in the first two I did, I used cloth or linen stitch ground (same stitch, different names; adds to the confusion that is bobbin lacing.) Notice how the red bookmark is more open?Now I have samples of both grounds to refer back to, so I'm calling this a 'design decision' not a mistake. 

I also learned there's a reason to buy better quality, more expensive thread. The plies in the red thread, from Michael's, un-plied themselves as I worked. The Precensia #8 perle cotton from Thread Garden was much higher quality; no unwinding problem there, plus the colors are gorgeous.
Nosy cat added for scale.

I still need to figure out a finishing treatment for the ends. Not happy with my braiding technique (blue); not sure I like the look of knotting and leaving the ends loose (orange and red); or knotting and cutting off the fringe (pink/green). Anybody have a preference or opinion?  


Vickie said...

What yummy colors! Since you asked...I like the looks of all the endings, but especially the pink/green one. I am fascinated with the technique every time you show something.

Restless Knitter said...

I like the pink/green one the best. The long fringe almost distracts away from the design. Maybe if it were shorter? They're all pretty though!