Random Friday

  • Hubby had a routine doctor's appointment today. The doctor was running an hour late - no surprise - so I got to spend more grandma time with two of my favorite girls. Leia loves Leanne but she's also just a little jealous. I am, after all, HER "gamma". Glad they're still small enough that I can fit them both on my lap.
  • Marie wanted some lightweight cotton blankets for Leanne now that summer has hit with a vengeance. A quick trip to Joann's, a little pinning, a little sewing, and voila - colorful cotton blankies. The pink blanket has a turned hem; the red, a satin binding. I love the crayon motif in the red one; may have to go buy more to make a blanket for Bre.
  • Good thing I love my cats. AJ's trip to the vet today set me back almost $300. Results from the blood work should be back tomorrow. We're hoping it's "only" thyroid disease, which is easily treated in cats.
  • Tour de Fleece continues - I spun up 3 ounces of Lulu, the Lincoln-Corriedale that I thought would be my main Tour project*. I've decided to experiment with this to see what technique(s) gives me the most bounce and softness. This 60 yard batch was spun using a modified long draw, then 2 strands plied together. Tonight I'm planning to Navajo-ply what's left on the bobbin. Tomorrow I'll try another 3 ounces, spinning it worsted (my usual method) and plying it both ways. Hoping that will give me enough info to decide how I want to spin the rest of this.

* Waiting around to see the Lulu results is kinda boring, so I'm breaking out some Bee Mice Elf BFL from the stash. Yum!


Rach said...

The picture with the baby grands is beyond cute. I miss baby snuggles.