It took me until 1:30 a.m., but Leanne's dress and booties were ready for her christening today. I'm really pleased with how both turned out, but especially the booties. Every girl needs a pair of MaryJane's, right?
The christening was scheduled - we thought - for 2 pm but wires got crossed somewhere. We were all there, including Scott's entire extended family, but no priest. Scott's sister finally tracked one down and the ceremony got under way only 45 minutes late. (The problem was either: a) the ceremony was on the schedule for 3, rather than 2, or b) it was calendared for July 17 rather than today.)

Leanne was a doll throughout the wait and the ceremony. She watched everyone with her big eyes, smiled during lengthy games of 'pass the baby', and took having cold water poured on her head with good grace.

This is the same pattern I used for Addison's christening in 2007.
I changed out the booties and forgot about the bonnet altogether; Leanne hates hats. Wonder how long it will be before I make this for another grand baby.


Julie said...

It's so beautiful! I want a grandbaby to make one for, but since my oldest is only 14 I'll be content to wait for awhile (please!).

Vickie said...

Wonderful day!!