Summer Edition - 40 Bags in 40 Days

Day 6 6/27/14 - Cleared out old Guild stuff. Most of it went straight to the trash but some will go to tomorrow's meeting for Ways & Means. Bag 6 of trash; several boxes for donation.

Day 5 6/23/14 - Worked on straightening and organizing the fabric stash by wrapping yardage around comic book boards. Bag 5 of trash; nothing for donation, yet. 

Day 4 6/22/14 - Cleaned 700+ pictures off my iPad so it will hopefully run faster. Not how I'd planned to spend my '40 in 40' time today, but it still counts according to the official rules. Bag 4 of (virtual) trash gone!

Day 3 6/18/14 - Organized the little girls' books so they can use them more easily. Bag 3 of trash; another bag for donation.
Day 2 6/17/14 - Cleaned out the antique secretary/hutch in the living room. I use the top section to store my collection of antique hooks and textile tools - that's still the same. Cleaned out the desk and drawers - don't think I'll miss the unopened calendar from 2004 or the boxes of photo printing paper, also unopened, purchased 2008-ish. Bag 2 of trash; more stuff for donation bin. 

Day 1 6/16/14 - Took a medium sized bag of old magazines and newspapers out of the bathroom "library". The empty library basket is ready for restocking (and regular clean-out; never want it to get that overflowing full again.) Also, cleaned out the 'ready room' but most of that got moved back into my closet. Bag 1 done; 39 to go.