Celebrated our anniversary a day early with lunch at one of our favorite spots.

Then we packed up the California little girls, made a quick detour by the Disney outlet store (because Leia has outgrown the 5 billion princess dresses we already own) …

and headed for our hotel in Orange County. Tomorrow- Disneyland!!


My New Sewist

Leanne and I are working on making her first rag quilt. I'm cutting the squares and she's sewing them together with giant X's.


She started on scrap fabric; I explained sewing corner-to-corner, cutting the thread, and sewing c2c again. She got it on the first try.

Her first 5 blocks look great - and she's doing this freehand, eye-balling the lines as she goes. 

Pretty sure my first 5 weren't this neat. 

The girl's a natural and I'm one proud grandma.


More To Spoil

So excited!


Bunk Beds

Leia: Look Granma, I made a bunk bed for my babies.

And so she had. There's not enough room for them all to sleep with her, so she gave them their own pillow and blanket, arranged them with their friends, and tucked them in for the night.

I love this kid. 


New Shoes

Found these at Target and couldn't resist.

I think she likes them. (Yeah, I know. She likes ALL the shoes.)


Remember . . .

Remember the Fancy Forest quilt? 

It's done! Ish.

Thursday it goes to my long-arm quilting pal. I'll add the binding and glasses (!!) once I get it back.

 Officially Jac approved.

Remember the antique folding chair I was so excited about finding in Colorado?

Found the perfect fabric to re-upholster it on clearance at my new local quilt shop. 

Still hunting for the perfect trim though . . .


Date Night

We saw Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood - of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" fame - on stage tonight in T.O. and I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard.

Totally improv, totally wacky. Laughing at the blindfolded, barefoot, mousetraps on the floor skit made my face hurt. I loved them on TV but they are even better in person.


Quarter Mania

First we cooked - 

which turned out super yummy (note: no lemon zest in the icing next time. . .)

Then we quartered - 

 Using PopPop's special watch repair hammer to smack the coins into place.

Leia is hooked; she came over before school today and first thing she grabbed was her quarter books.

Leanne is not a fan, at least not yet. I think she - like me - has a hard time seeing the tiny lettering on the coins. I'm planning to break out my super fancy, super special magnifying glass next time she's here and see if that helps. If not, maybe we'll put these away for a year or two until she's older . . .

And then Jac entertained us. Just like the great-grandmother she's named for, Jac loves her anybody's shoes. 


Quarters and Bubbles

While we were in South Dakota, I noticed the National Parks are now featured on US quarters, similar to when each State got its own quarter design back in the '90s.

I liked collecting the State quarters, and thought the girls might get a kick out of it too, so off I went to Amazon for a set of books for each of the older girls.

Leia and I sat down today with her books and the box of loose change Pop and I collect each year. An hour later, she'd made substantial inroads in both the State and National Park books. And she loved it. I'm so happy!

On that same trip, I found a woman selling beautiful hand-welded bubble wands she'd made. How could I pass that up?!?

Leia and I made a big batch of bubbles - 12 cups water, 2 cups Dawn liquid, 2 tablespoons glycerin - to try them out. 

Success! And Leia now has a new favorite exercise program - jumpin' and kickin' to the bubbles. Think it will catch on?



Same kid, same car seat.

 Jac at birth and at 14 months

I swear Jac grew 2" during the two weeks we were in Colorado. She's going to be taller than her mom by the time she's 5.


Ribbons In All The Colors

The local Fair ended while we were on vacation 

so the girls only received their award ribbons this week.

I think they're a little bit pleased with themselves.

And already planning what to enter next year. 


She's waaaaaaaaaatching you . . .


Blocks And Buckets

We found a great set of wooden blocks for Jac while we were on vacation.

It's been hours of fun, 

especially after we accidentally* added a bucket to the mix.

Hope it's awhile before she learns to throw these at Sissy …

* The bucket was supposed to be for the giant bubble wands we bought Leia and Leanne. Guess we'll be going back to the store 'cause that bucket is definitely Jac's now.