Stockholm, Part 2 - The Royal Palace

We'd hoped to make it to several locations, but traffic was terrible and the bus routes around Stockholm were loooooong,

so after the Vassa, we concentrated on our second priority - the Royal Palace and Old Town.

Luck was with us - we got there just in time to see (and video) part of the Changing of the Guard ceremony. 

Playing drums on horseback? Check. (Thomas needs to see this!!)

 We saw the Royal Apartments, 

the apartments for visiting heads of state 

and some of the older ceremonial chambers. 

Many were being refurbished - 

carpets were pulled up and drapes were lying on the ground - 

but it was still beautiful.

The royal family still has their offices in this palace 

and use it for ceremonial occasions, 

but they no longer live here. 

  Gorgeous table 

We had lunch in the palace courtyard

then explored Old Town 

  Nobel Museum on the right
until it was time 

  Narrow cobblestone streets
to head back to the ship. 

Tomorrow is Tallinn!!

  My favorite royal portrait ever. Doesn't he look like Gene Wilder???

  What do you give the royals who have everything? How about a crown shaped chandelier?

  Ceremonial Hall of State