Castles and Countryside, Part 1

We'd planned to do the hop-on, hop-off bus in Copenhagen but we made the mistake of going to a tour presentation a few days before docking - how could I resist a castles tour???

Our guide was funny and her English was excellent,

  Homes with a traditional thatched roof were my favorite. The wood at the top was to keep the thatch from blowing away.

so we were off to a better start than Lubeck (where the guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but her translation skills were a bit difficult to follow.)

  Kronborg train station

We drove north on the Danish Riviera, past Embassy Row, the royal family's deer hunting palace, 

and the former home of a Russian Dowager Countess, 

to our first stop at Kronborg Castle.

We only had time to see the outside - 

which our guide said was just as well 

 since the interior had burnt 

and not been 'authentically' restored. 

 Gorgeous views across the narrow straight to Sweden.

The barracks are now artisan shops, none of which were open unfortunately.

A quick break for Danish pastry and tea and we were off to our next stop. (In Part 2 . . .)