Growing Up

Jac has finally gotten big enough to play with one of the toys she received for Christmas.
Pop put this together on Sunday - with "help" from Leanne - and we happily plopped Jac on the seat right after her nap.
Notice Pop's leg in the first photo? He turned loose of Jac, stepped out of the photo, and she promptly fell over, pulling the car on top of herself.
Not a happy camper. After a bit of a cry, we tried again. Success . . . as long as Grandma stayed close by. 
Today, while Pop headed to the Apple Store for a class, the girls and I hung out at a nearby for-a-fee playground. Leanne made several friends while sweating her way through all the toys and equipment.
Jac and I hung out in the stroller. It's a hard life when you're a 9 month old.