Baby Puzzle

Look who's upwardly mobile . . . 
Rather than spend all our time trying to corral 8-month-old Jaclyn, we bought several sets of puzzle-shaped, extra thick foam floor mats (my idea)
and enough storage ottomans to block all avenues of escape (hubby's idea).
Now Jac can roam to her heart's content and we don't have to worry about concussions when baby noggin hits the hard tile floor. Plus, Leia and Leanne get a kick out of rearranging the puzzle colors. 
Definitely win-win-win. Now if we can just keep Jac from learning to crawl over the ottomans . . . .


captainhook said...

I can see you will have to get progressively bigger ottomans until finally they take over the whole house, but at least by then she'll be old enough that it won't matter any more.