24 Hours

We've needed a new furnace for awhile - ours is original to our almost 40-year-old house - and we really wanted to add air conditioning during the replacement.
 JacJac slept on my lap for almost 3 hours during construction. Nothing bothers her!

Camarillo gets nice ocean breezes and, up until 2 or 3 years ago, the overwhelmingly hot days numbered less than 2 weeks a year. Not any more! Maybe I've become a temperature wimp, but it's been way, way too hot lately.
So Wednesday night we had a local rep come give us a bid on a new furnace/ac unit. . . we planned to think about it, maybe get other bids, make a decision in a week or so . . . . 
Yeah, that didn't happened. We signed the papers about 8 that night and at 8 the next morning 5 trucks were out front. By 9, our old furnace was sitting on the front lawn. . .
all the old duct work was out by noon . . . 
and by 5 pm, we were done. 
New furnace, new air conditioning, all trash removed and the minimal damage (for new vents) repaired.
The boss came by this morning to test the AC on our huge compressor and collect a check from us. 
Still can't believe it happened so fast - and so painlessly.
Want to see why we needed a new heating unit?
The oldest ducts (original to the house) had burst seams and were slowly rotting from the inside.
Some weren't even attached anymore - and weren't capped off either. Apparently we've been doing an excellent job of heating the attic. 
Definitely not what we wanted. 
Now we have all shiny, new everything furnace-related and a very nice warranty. I'm almost looking forward to summer.