Birthday Bash

In what's become an annual tradition, we celebrated my birthday by taking the little girls somewhere fun. This year it was Disney On Ice at Staples Center.  

We left early - 3 pm for the 7:30 show - because rain + LA freeways usually means gridlock. The girls had their blankets, headphones and movies, so they were content. 

We were fortunate that it only took us until 5:30, leaving plenty of time to walk in the rain to dinner (great hamburgers and mac n cheese at Tom's Urban LA), then stand in line to get expensive light-up things for the girls.


The show was great - lots of raining bubbles, 


mini fireworks and the girls' favorite characters, including Toy Story (kinda boring), Little Mermaid Ariel (she waved at Leanne, who I thought was going to explode with happiness), Cars and - the hit of the night - Frozen's Ana and Elsa. 


Leanne screamed with excitement most of the night (it was so loud in there that no one cared) and they both sang along, waved their wands, danced and took lots of (really bad) photos with grandma's camera. 

Most. Fun. Ever. 


This was our 6th year of birthday-for-the-girls but it's the first time Leanne realized what was going on. She thought it was very cool that I got a year older and she (and Leia) got the presents. "I wish you had a birthday all the time, Grandma!" 

 Pop trying to avoid getting 'taken out' by Leanne's Ariel wand.

We'll definitely be doing this again!