Big Plans

We had big plans for today - Bearizona! Grand Canyon Deer Park! and a car trip to another point along the Grand Canyon. But the view from our hotel window this morning meant a downsizing was in order.

Fortunately, Bearizona is an all-weather adventure.

Leanne was a bit worried that the animals were allowed to roam free but she got over it pretty quick, especially when this guy greeted us at the entrance, standing like a boss in the middle of the road, waiting for us to go around him.

The constant rain made picture-taking a challenge.

On our first drive through tour, the animals were mostly hunkered down in shelters or asleep.

The second time we drove around, an hour or so later, they were much more active.

One deer came right up to the car and was licking rain water off the doors and mirror.

A pack of Tundra wolves ran right in front of our car, on a mission to defend their turf from the neighboring Arctic wolves (separated from each other by a tall, sturdy fence).
This Arctic wolf was within inches of Leanne's (closed) window, much to her delight.
We also did the walking tour to see the smaller animals -
black bear cubs, frisky otters that were playing with Leanne through the glass,

and best of all, a black jaguar that seemed just as interested in Leanne as she was in him.

We could easily have spent another hour on the walking tour,

but the steady rain - along with the discovery that Leanne's jacket was water "resistant " not water "proof" - had us heading back to Williams for lunch,

a chat with the King,

and a dip in the nicely heated, indoor pool.

If the rain stops tonight, we may try the deer park tomorrow. Otherwise, we'll be heading back to Phoenix for our last day of adventure.