Big Sister Quilt

When Jaclyn received a quilt at mom's baby shower, Leanne asked, "but what about me??"
So up to grandma's stash we went, where Leanne picked out a Frozen panel featuring sisters Ana and Elsa and a super-bright, super-fun jungle print by Laurel Birch (one of my favorite fabric artists).
Then we set back to wait . . . and wait . . . and wait some more until Jaclyn Rose decided it was time to be born. Leanne didn't know that I'd been working on the quilt and, thanks to a pal who did a rush long-arm quilting job for me, finished it with a couple of days to spare.
Pop and I gave the quilt to Leanne just as she was leaving for the hospital to meet her sister for the first time. I think she liked it. 
Want to know why Leanne picked this fabric for the backing? She plans to use it to teach Jaclyn her animals. Isn't that sweet???  

Note: original size 61 x 48". After washing/drying, size is 58.25 x 47.5 ".


captainhook said...

I love that jungle fabric! She has such good taste! Must have inherited it from you.