Leanne's 5th

Leanne turned 5 (!!) on Thursday.

We celebrated with a round of miniature golf, the first time we've taken Leanne to play.
She caught on pretty quick 
but couldn't quite decide if she wanted to hit left-handed, right-handed, or just throw the ball where she wanted it to go. 
Leia held the high score for the first 9 holes, 
but slumped a bit in the back 9, coming in second overall.
Leanne didn't quite get the scoring system - she thought higher numbers were better. 
We'd ask her how many "hits" she had and she'd say "6. No, 12. Nooo, 15!" 

Today was the official party day, at the other mouse house.

Leanne has been beyond excited all week about this part of her birthday weekend. 
She likes Chuck but she loves all the rides, games and general noisiness of the place.  
Several friends from preschool attended, which made it super fun for Leanne.
Usually, only the birthday celebrant gets to go in the ticket tornado, but our hostess let Leia join Leanne which made both of them very happy.
They didn't catch many tickets but neither cared. The video below captures Leanne's "Marilyn Monroe moments", easily the funniest part of the day -