A few weeks ago, hubby and I decided we needed to go somewhere. Since we usually think alike, we both came up with the same destination - Alaska. And just to prove it was meant to be, I lucked into first class airfare that was less than a competitor's econo fare to the same destination. Score! Five hours on a plane, and arriving at what would have been 2 a.m. our time, is hard on a body, but I can assure you that first class makes it much better.

We were back at the airport this morning to pick up our rental car, then hit the road, planning to do some sightseeing on the way to Palmer and the Musk Ox Farm.

Constant rain put the kabosh on sightseeing - except for stretching our legs at the Hatcher Pass mud flats overlook -

and I decided to forego the Farm tour (waaaaay too wet and muddy for this city girl)

but I did manage to pick up a quiviet* smoke ring cowl for me and a small stuffed musk ox for the little girls' collection.

Tonight we're in a cabin between Palmer and Wasilla - watching for the moose that we're told hang out around here -

with a great view of the mountains out our windows,

and surrounded by trees and wildflowers.

And rain.

No matter. Tomorrow we head for Healy and Denali! And, in theory at least, the rain has to stop sometime. Right??

Alaska roads are very different.

*Quiviet is the soft down found under the coarse outer hair of a musk ox. One of the softest, warmest, most expensive fibers around, and treasured by fibery peeps. Hoping to get my hands on the raw material when we get to Fairbanks.