Bracelets, Round 2

A friend gave me a set of vintage elephants after I admired them in her collection of estate jewelry. (Ok, after I drooled on them . . . ) 
Talk about love at first sight - I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them as soon as I saw them.
 A quick trip to French General with an enabler pal and I had enough to finish my Pachyderm Parade, make a flower bracelet that now graces Marie's wrist,
and have enough 'must haves' left over to make a few more wrist charmers.
Can you say "addicted"? 


Vickie said...

It's a fun addiction, isn't it?

Love the bracelets you are making.

Are you going to the big bead show in 2 weeks? We are going on the 25th...Pasadena Bead and Design Show.

captainhook said...

Love the elephant bracelets!