Hubby's Hobby

When he's not remodeling the house or wrangling baby-grands, hubby does a bit of wood turning.
Most of his turning time has been taken up making crochet hooks for my buddies and the shop,
but every once in a while he'll disappear into the garage wood shop, 
reappearing a few hours later, covered in sawdust and smelling of varnish.
Early last week he received a block of buckeye burl in the mail.
I thought it would go into his stash woodpile, to be made into something eventually.
But look what was waiting for me when I got home last Sunday. 
I love that he was able to keep that rough section in the final piece. And the inlaid turquoise gets me every time.
And that he took the time to get photos for me as he worked? 
Major bonus points.  


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