Only Once

It only took one time for Leanne to figure out that shawl modeling was FUN. The next time she saw me headed out the door, camera and shawl in hand, she was right behind me, patting her shoulders and saying, "Me!"
Which makes this even better for me, both the shawl making and the shawl photoing.
This one is a pineapple shawl I'm teaching for a class.
I love the pineapple-y goodness of the bottom edge, but the top is too open for my tastes.
It makes a great class, and I'm glad I made one, but I don't think this will get much wear.
Next up - one of my favorite patterns for that special one-of-a-kind skein of yarn.
I loved the colors of this hand-dyed yarn when I bought it on-line, but - surprise! - it looked a lot different when it arrived in the mail.
I was expecting deep oranges and reds - the yarn's name is "Dragon Fire" after all - but I got pretty pinks and corals. 
Not my cup of tea . . . . but purrrrfect (I hope) for the friend for which it is intended.
And if not? Leanne says she'll take it!