Grandma of Awesome

When Addy was in the hospital with pneumonia (she calls it "ammonia" - cracks me up every time), she asked if I would send her blue roses. You know what happens when you ask a florist for blue flowers? ~crickets~

So with the help of Mr. Google, and in between all the antiquing

and sewing we've been doing,

we made our own blue roses.

Turns out it's really simple to do. You buy the last sad, half dead bunch of white roses at Walmart, along with food coloring and a pretty vase.

Bring them home, fill the vase with water, and let the 6-year old go crazy adding blue food coloring; then trim the stems with scissors and immediately plunge them into the water.

Addy wanted me to have some purple roses, so we put half the batch in a separate vase with blue and red food dye.

Addy isn't impressed with the brownish color that resulted but I love it.

The flowers really perked up once they were in water. We trimmed the stems again today, hoping to get an even deeper shade of blue (and brown.)
Our little experiment also gave me a chance to play with the super-macro filters hubby bought me recently - up to 10x increase in magnification! So awesome.
Addy loves her blue flowers; I love making good on my promise. And the time we spent together working on this? Priceless.