Real, Live Crochet

I actually finished a crochet project - whoohoo! Seems like I have a bunch of stuff in the works, but not much is getting to the finish line. Gotta fix that. . . 
I sewed the button on this hat today and put it in the mail to Addison, just in time for St. Patrick's day. Addy's all about the bling right now, so I'm hoping she'll really like the sparkly button I found at Joann's. 
This was a free pattern (links to pdf file) and an easy project. Good thing, since I have two more to make in the next five days or so.

I fell hard for these guys - 
the Santa Barbara Zoo's 'Little Mac' Beanie Baby. And to make them extra-special for the little girls, I added collars with each girl's name* spelled out in yet more bling.
Gotta love the dollar aisle at Joann's!    

*Leanne took her baby home before I decided to make the collars. And the boys - Marshall and Travis - couldn't care less about bling. Marshall and Abby are my sister Jama's grandbabies.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the finishing! The sentiment, rather...hehe. A couple months ago, I just blatantly decided, "if you want to do it, start it!" and while there is still semblance of organization in my room, there seems to be a yarn garden growing around my bed. I'm not even watering it...!! (but I did nearly coffee it the other day. It mostly hit the carpet and a few drips on my phone...and the end of a hook...no biggie)