Hoppy Easter!

Easter was quiet at our house. Leia and Naia were in Arrowhead at their new grandma's house (Mary's mom) and Leanne is sick - croup and double ear infection, poor baby - so she wasn't interested in doing too much. 

We hid a few plastic eggs around the living room.
Leanne loved searching for them,
even after we took out all the num-nums (candy) and left her just empty shells to find.
She also helped me plant a couple of flowers in the "California rain" - a light mist anywhere else. 
We made lunch, with Leanne sitting on the counter and stirring the sauce.
Mom came to supervise while I took pics, but then we kicked her back to the couch (for more Stargate Atlantis reruns with the boys . . . ) while Leanne and I did our thing.
Leia and Naia did egg-dying and decorating yesterday in Arrowhead. 
From the pictures, it looks like both girls got more dye on their fingers than on the eggs.
Which is as it should be.