Winter Showers, Spring Flowers

Leia and I decided we should do some planting today, before the rain that's supposed to start tonight. I've had tulip and daffodil bulbs in the fridge for just over a week, trying to trick them into believing it's winter in So. California.
We unearthed the gardening equipment, finding a misplaced tiara in the garage along the way - Leia was thrilled - and started digging. Tulip bulbs went in along the front sidewalk, with Mr. Peacock-Head standing guard.
More tulips went in along the gravel walkway. 

Leia was pleased to learn that bulbs have 'butts', just like we do, 
and that they sit on their butts, just like we do, when you put them in the ground.
Four-year-old attention spans being what they are, Leia decided right after this that playing in the dirt was a lot more fun than digging with a purpose,
and abandoned me to finish the daffodils on my own. 
This last bed was full of worms, so I have high hopes for these bulbs, at least.
Leia thought the worms were cool, but when I asked if she wanted to touch one, it was "ewwwwwwww". 
Just as well, since I thought touching them was "ewwwwww" too.