Potato, Potaato

Noro calls this a strawberry lace scarf* -
but to me, it's a pineapple.
It's smaller than usual, so maybe that's where they get 'strawberry'? Or maybe they want it to appear more modern? 

Either way, it was a fast, fairly easy project, with an 8-row repeat that I had memorized the second time through, except for the start and finish of each row. Never could make sense out of those so the pattern followed me everywhere, as I checked off each individual row.
On the up side, that made it easier to count repeats and know when I was supposed to be done. As usual, I got bored three or so repeats from the end and decided to stop. I think it's plenty long, so if I don't mention it, I don't think anyone will notice . . .

A 'by request' arm-warmer/fingerless mitt for the daughter of a friend is also done. 
She has arm and wrist troubles that include wearing a brace and the cold makes things worse.
It's my usual mitt pattern, super-sized for length. Hopefully, it will help, at least with the 'cold' part.

*Strawberry Lace Scarf by Robin Chachula, published in Crochet Noro: 30 Dazzling Designs. My Ravelry project and info is here.


Petunia Pill said...

Pretty! Both! I love the strawberry pattern!