Almost, Almost, Almost Christmas

Hubby won't let me put Christmas decorations up yet, but I can still make them in anticipation of the coming season.
I finished this quilt-as-you-go wall-hanging in a class today at my local quilt store. It was supposed to be a 5 hour class, but it took me 6 to finish - and bless my teacher for staying with me that extra hour. I still need to do the binding - I'm comfortable doing that on my own - but all the new-to-me, tricky stuff is done.
The original class sample was embellished with beads and baubles, but I wasn't interested in doing that so I chose shiny metallic fabrics that look festive all on their own, and added my favorite poinsettias as the backing panel.
I bought enough fabric to do two of these, so now I just need to work up the courage make the time to get it done.


Vickie said...

Fabulous. Your corners are great!!!

captainhook said...

The Christmas wall hanging looks great! And the pics of your family are adorable too.