Farmer Leanne

Yesterday was Leanne's turn to visit a local farm stand that has a small petting zoo and play area. I took Naia a few months ago and she loved it. 

Leanne was super excited when she got out of the car and saw animals! But the closer she got, the more hesitant she became. It didn't help that the goats charged the fence in excitement as soon as they saw PopPop heading for their feeder.
After that, Leanne was more than content to stand well back and let PopPop feed the animals. She liked looking -
and pointing -
at the chickens, goats
and alpaca,
but she had absolutely no intention of getting any closer. We had better luck with the play area. She loved driving the wooden car and kicking up a little sand.
Now we just need to get Leia over there. I feel a need for more fresh picked blackberries coming on.