Theme Dresses

I've been on a finishing spree. Usually, I get projects underway - or under-planning - and then move on to something else. Addy's dress went in the mail today, so that's done (until I get photos of her wearing it. Hint, hint, Rach. . . ) And now these are finished too.

First up - a little something for Leanne. 
I found the t-shirt at the Disney outlet store and the fabric is from remnants I've picked up here and there. Leanne was more than happy to model. 
Like the shirt says, sooooooooo cute. 
Matt picked up a couple of shirts for Leia, specifically so I could turn them into dresses (he's a smart guy, making points with his mother.) A baseball shirt just begs for a summer theme . . . 
stars and 'dogs, anyone? 
This one is huge on Leia - the shirt's a size 8 - but she'll grow into it, probably by next baseball season. And eventually, we'll pass it right on down the line to Little Bits.
The other shirt is my favorite of the bunch - Merida and her bear brothers, hanging out by a creek. 
What could I do but add a few fish to complete the scene? I love this fabric.
The dress is a bit big on Leia - it reaches almost to her feet - but she loves it. She wore it all evening and would have worn it to bed if we'd let her.
Not bad for an afternoon's work.