Mary Poppins

We took Leia to her first stage play last night, to see Mary Poppins at the L.A. Music Center. 
It was 'family night' and they were offering a great deal on tickets. PLUS I was able to get box seats, something I've always wanted to do. We had 4 chairs in our little balcony box, a big door at the back and enough room for Leia to move around and make a little noise without disturbing others in the audience. 
Not that she did a lot of moving or noise-making once the show started. She was fascinated. And when Mary Poppins actually flew? Wide-eyed wonder. It was magic.

We stopped on the way and picked up sandwiches to enjoy on the Ahmanson's patio before the show.
It was so hot when we left home, I didn't plan for the possibility it would be chilly in L.A. Poor Leia was freezing in her sleeveless shirt and shorts. 
All the more reason to hurry in and enjoy our great seats. 
Wonder what show we can take her to next??