Princess Monkeybutt

PopPop took Leia to TWO Disney stores on Saturday, looking for the Brave dress in her size, so she could wear it when we took her to the movie today.
Apparently, size 5-6 (she's 3!) is very popular; it's also almost too small, girth-wise. Length-wise, she still has a bit of growing room.
She tried this on for us Saturday night and I asked her if she was my Princess. Her answer? "I'm your Princess Monkeybutt!"
And how was the movie? Fantastic. Hubby and I both think it's the best Disney movie ever made. I knew I was going to love it the first time I saw Merida astride her horse, Angus. No pretty princess pony but a big powerful Clydesdale with plenty of attitude. 
Brave has it all - interesting characters, laugh-out-loud humor in subtle places, unexpected plot - AND the princess is the hero throughout; no prince jumps in to save the day. Leia thought the bears were a bit scary, but not too scary, since she definitely wants to see it again. And so do I.

My recommendation? Go.See.This.Movie. It's destined to become a classic.