Another class sample is done. 
Couldn't believe how much fun this was to make and how soft and squishy it turned out, a combination of the waffle-stitch pattern and my new favorite yarn, Liberty Wool.
I got this done in just 2 days since I literally couldn't put it down. Watching the colors change and the little waffles take shape was addictive.
I'm thinking this would make a great 'boy' scarf for hubby - maybe in a slate gray?? Using the Lord of the Rings yarn I bought several years ago? 
Hmmmm, I love it when a plan comes together.


Petunia Pill said...

I just love the waffle weave look and was so thrilled when I found the stitch how to...and then figured out how to follow the instructions properly and achieve the waffle look. Sadly, it took me a good evening to conquer it. I am, in fact, gifting my waffle weave blanket today at a baby shower. I love the colors in your creation here. I need to do a scarf in the stitch. I was burned out on it after doing the blanket, but I need to revisit it. Hugs, Annette