Curved Log Cabin

I've wanted to do this pattern since I began quilting back in October.In fact, it's one of the two patterns that made me start quilting in the first place. When a class was announced two months ago at my LQS, I was first in line. Unfortunately, it's turned into a study in frustration. 

I didn't read the pattern instructions until Thursday, when I discovered it takes almost 2 full days to cut all the fabric into hundreds of little, bitty pieces; and then I left my pattern at the quilt shop Friday when I went to buy the cranberry contrast fabric I hadn't realized I needed. (See "didn't read instructions" above.)
I found a copy of the cutting instructions here, but wasn't positive they were the same as the pattern we were using, so . . . . I went to class (early, to find my pattern) with my fabric cut into long strips but not the hundreds of little blocks I needed. Not a fun way to start the day, or get off on the right foot with a new-to-me teacher.

I managed to finish 5 blocks, 4 of which I turned into a table-topper. I love the illusion of curves made from sewing rectangles together - and the Kaffe Fasset fabric I bought at Roxanne's during my Road Trip With Friends on Wednesday makes even my beginner efforts look pretty. My seams are wonky in places, so I'll start over from scratch in a couple of weeks and do this right. 
To console myself - and to keep from jumping up like a jack-in-the-box to use the ironing board after sewing every single seam -  I bought a sweet little ironing pad/cutting board 
and a fancy, schmancy purple Rowenta iron.
I feel much better now.  


Carol said...

Awesome project. Sounds simple but I can see on closer look that it is considerably more complicated (requires paying attention and reading directions). I love that you completed a piece though!

Reminds me of my first project - the one that made me want to learn to quilt. It was a queen sized bedspread (over the pillows style) cathedral window. I made a pillow first and found it to be easy but the spread took me 14 months! Wish I would have had the wonderful fabric choices then that are available now!

Hang in there!