This is Travis, my brand new great-nephew, 8 pounds even and 20" long.
He showed up a week early, on December 23, probably because he heard all the excitement about Santa and didn't want to miss out.  
His momma was hoping for a new year's baby but our boy Travis did things his way (get used to it, Mom!)
Hubby and I had to put off meeting him because we both had miserable colds, so Travis was a day shy of 2 weeks before we got our hands on him.  
And he is every bit as adorable as I thought he'd be. Good natured, happy and soooo squeezable. He even consented to open his eyes for a few minutes  (Breanne calls this his 'old man face')
and to model one of the newborn hats I'd made for him. 
Wish the new family didn't live so far away - I'd be over there everyday, bogarting* holding the baby. 
Congrats, Breanne and Garrett!
* bogarting - the act of hogging something to the point of annoyance


Vic said...

Handsome young man!! Lucky great aunt, that age is just perfect for coddling.