The Quilt Life

This Wednesday is the third of 5 sessions in my Quilting 102 class. I've been struggling with my seams - which means nothing is turning out right - but I think I've finally got it licked. I brought in the big guns - aka Woodworker Husband - to put perfect straight lines in perfect places on my sewing machine. 
And I took a hint from Pinterest and am using a pad of Post-It notes as a sewing guide. Cheap. Low tech. Easy. And it works

So while Naia watched movies and Leia camped out in the front window (note the backpack; it's her favorite accessory this week)

I built a house
to go with the little 4" star I finished in class last week.
Week 1's assignment was trees (love these) 
and a 9-patch block that is so wonky I'll be doing it over very soon.
See how much shorter it is than the house? That could be a problem.
But now that my magic seam team is in place, replacing it should be a breeze.

Week 3's blocks are cut out - 
with this quilt I'm going for an 1860's vibe; old fashioned, muted colors, with the red as my tie-it-all-together, put-it-in-every-block fabric. 
Should be interesting.        


Vic said...

Major WOW! Love the color scheme.