Picky Eater

How do you get a 3-year-old to eat something besides oatmeal, her favorite food? Let her help make it! At least, that was my theory. And it seems to have worked.
Naia had the job of mixing the porcupines - she loves getting her hands into the meat/rice mixture - while I measured added ingredients, and then all three of us rolled meatballs and added the sauce, which is Leia's favorite part.

Since we were already in the kitchen, I put them to work on zucchini bread. Naia cleaned and grated the zucchini and measured the dry ingredients,

while Leia beat the eggs and stirred the batter. 
Leia needed a little help reaching the cabinet, but she still did a great job.
And how did it all turn out? We made about 4 pounds of meatballs for the four of us and I bet the girls ate half of them in one sitting. And the zucchini bread?
Tastes as great as it looks.  


Vic said...

Clever grandma!