Done - For Me!

Most Thursday nights find me hanging out with my buddies at our favorite LYS, a place that's exceptionally hazardous to my self-imposed yarn diet - especially when a brand new shipment of any madelinetosh yarn arrives. 
The yarn fumes were especially bad last week; multiple boxes of Madelinetosh Merino Light had just been unpacked and I Could.Not.Resist the 'Golden Hickory'.

Now, normally a new yarn would go straight into the stash, maybe to see the light of day in a few decades years months. But this one told me what it wanted to be on our way home and insisted on being put on the hook that night. And three days later, I had a finished shawl - and a new design (which I'm in the process of writing up and having tested.) Love this thing! 
Leia helped me with the blocking (mostly by spilling the T-pins everywhere) and the misting. Although 'the drowning' would be more accurate. 
She was very enthusiastic and very thorough in her spraying efforts.
Have spray bottle, will travel.

My poor shawl might be dry by 2013.     


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