The things they say

Some of the things Addy and Leia came up with while we were in Colorado were hilarious. I tried to write them down, so I wouldn't forget, but only got a few. For your reading pleasure . . . .

Leia to Addison: Don't pick your nose. It's yucky. I do it for you.
Addison, after I told her not to bounce on the bed, that she might get hurt: It's alright grandma. I'll just go in my room and cry by myself.
Leia, after I called her 'my baby': I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl. I don't pee in my pants.

Leia, watching Uncle John play Angry Birds: Die, happy pig.
Leia, begging asking for another bite of chocolate: My mouth says please.


Wenona said...

Love their comments. Made me smile BIG! :)