Finishing Up The Year

It's been awhile since I talked about my crochet stuff. I'm still working on the 3-color blankie, a long-term project just for me! (couldn't guess that from the colors, right?) 
This is my 'relaxation' project, what I work on at night while watching teevee. Really enjoy making the continuous spiral in multiple colors. No boredom here! 
Another 'almost done' is the pair of slippers I'm making as a class sample (AFY's schedule of classes is out, if you are interested.)
"Pair" is probably the wrong word - one (this one in Noro Silk Garden) will be felted; the other will be in an acrylic blend to show a non-felting version. I seldom end up actually wearing class samples, so a mismatched set isn't a bad as you might think.

On the 'finished' side of things -
a batwing granny shawl with a picot edging (also a class sample) using one ball of Crazy Zauberball sock yarn. **LOve** that yarn; so soft and colorful. This is one sample I AM planning to wear. Absolutely love the finished shawl.
Also done is another Tunisian shell scarf.
I made this one as an experiment in using multi-colored yarn. Turned out to be a good move since the original class sample has turned up missing. Not sure if I've misplaced it or if it was 'borrowed' from the shop. Hopefully another search will turn it up.  It's depressing to think of things disappearing from my favorite yarn shop.
Still working on additional class samples - spike stitch scarf, adult sized 2-Hour Hat, and Tunisian honeycomb cowl - and hoping to have them completed before the holiday weekend is done. Happy New Year - and Happy Hooking!   


Vickie said...

LOVE the shawl. I wore my Blue Jean shawl to church...received a ton of compliments! Thanks for the pattern.